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CHINA - Hangzhou
Marco Polo called Hangzhou the most beautiful city that he had ever traveled to. West Lake is the center point of Hangzhou. It is so beautiful, The Great Canal was constructed so the Emperor could bring his dragon boat from Beijing to Hangzhou. Its length…over 1,000 miles long.

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Waving Girl SM

Three Pools SM

Two Dogs SM

Tree Vines SM

Tea Pickers SM

Tea Pot SM

Tea Farming H SM

Tea Farming V SM

Tea Time

Tea Clown SM

Statue 2 SM

Take a Peek SM

Numbered Boats SM

Officer SM

Park SM

Boat on West Lake

Boat with Tree

Crowded Walk

Dragon Boat West Lake

Glass of Tea

Josh West Lake

Green Tea

hangzhou 01

hangzhou 02

hangzhou 03

Happy Bikers

Lady Picking Tea

Lake Pagota

Lakeside Walk

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